What to Expect at Yoga Classes

Classes mostly run for an hour and 15 minutes.  When you arrive you will be shown how to set yourself up in a relaxing pose. This is an opportunity to begin to relax your body and bring yourself into the yoga space, leaving your outside thoughts and stresses behind.

The class will begin with very gentle poses to start to prepare your body, breath and mind for the class.  We will then move into a series of poses to lengthen, strengthen and soften your muscles.  Each class has a different sequence, so don't expect to get bored!  Some of the names will be a little foreign to start with, but each pose will be explained in detail and before you know it you will be telling your friends about your "downward dog" (adho mukka svanasana) or "triangle pose" (trikonasana).  Throughout the class you will be reminded to focus on your breathing and sometimes to use your breath to help move into a pose.  You will always be encouraged to work at your own pace and to rest in child's pose if you are feeling tired.  Caring for your body is more important than straining your body into a pose.

At the end of each class there is a relaxation session (yoga nidra).  This is to allow your body and mind to take in the changes that have occurred during the class.  This is many students favourite part of the class.  When I first started yoga it was the thing that brought me back regularly - I couldn't believe how relaxed I felt after a yoga class.  You will find the techniques in the yoga nidra session useful at other times - when you find it hard to sleep, when you are stressed, or when you have to give a presentation.

What to Wear

You should wear slightly loose, comfortable, stretchy clothing.  Yoga is practised barefoot, so you don't need to go out and buy expensive sports shoes!  We ask you to leave your shoes at the door.  In cooler months you may want to leave your socks on at the beginning of class, but ask you to remove them when the session starts.  Don't worry, the room will be gently heated when necessary, and some warming stretches practised.

It is best not to eat anything other than some fruit or a light snack for two hours before your yoga class.

The studio is fully equipped with mats, bolsters, straps, blankets and blocks and you will be guided how and when to use them.  If you would prefer to bring your own mat, or any other equipment, please do so.


We don't run pre-natal classes, but are happy for you to join a class 6 weeks after delivery, as long as your doctor approves.  

If you have any pre-existing conditions, please let me know at the beginning of the yoga session, and please check with your doctor before you begin your yoga journey.


Some Yoga Fun

I loved this from a previous year's Sculpture by the Sea, but we won't be doing it in class, at least not for a while!

chakrasanachakrasana or wheel pose